If you love Demon Rum® you could be a Demon Diva

Demon Rum® is a tantalizing new spiced rum for those looking for more . . . more fun, more excitement, more of whatever you desire to Unleash Your Demon! Demon Divas are on the front-lines, spreading the word and sharing samples of Seductively Spiced, Sinfully Smooth Demon Rum®. Demon Divas are a select group of women who believe in the Demon.

If you like the meeting new people, have a friendly disposition and love Demon Rum®, then you could be a Demon Diva. Send us an email and attach a pic if you like. We'll contact you if we need Diva's in your area. In the meantime, keep spreading the word about seductively spiced, sinfully smooth Demon Rum.

Demon Fire